Chris Lissman at Mesa Verde National Park

Hi, I'm Chris

I am a User Experience Engineer who solves problems to create human-centered experiences.

I've always liked the quote that we can never know enough people, and my favorite thing about design is connecting with others from different backgrounds and discovering their problems and goals. Understanding others is the key to creating enjoyable experiences.

While earning my degree in chemistry, I found that I loved solving problems and working with data, but I wanted to be more creative. After independently learning front-end development, I found myself questioning why some experiences were better than others. I understood how to implement things, but not the reasons behind their design. This curiosity led me to UX Design, and I was happy to discover a field that required a scientific approach combined with creativity.

My UX process is research-driven and methodical. I use my education in science to be analytical and precise, discovering what people need through research then iterating on solutions.

I'm especially interested in the consistency and speed offered by design systems and create them with the front-end development team in mind.

Outside of work, I like to set cryptic crosswords, read, and travel.

Let's solve problems together